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Ben Meets Japan.

Experience ancient culture, exquisite natural landscapes and bustling modern life.

In 2019 Japan is to become “land of the rising scrum” and as well as being part of the world’s biggest global sporting event, you have the opportunity to explore everything else Japan as a destination has to offer.

The islands of Japan stretch over 3,000km from north to south, meaning its regions are incredibly diverse in terms of climate, culture, food, nature, and history. From the neon-lit cities of Tokyo and Osaka, hot springs of Kanagawa, breath taking natural beauty of Kumamoto and ocean views of Oita, there is something for everyone.

Twelve cities and venues have been confirmed to host Rugby World Cup 2019 matches, each offering an array of different attractions to discover in between all the match day action. For more information on each venue take a look here.

In Japan, hospitality, known as omotenashi permeates Japanese culture with an air of ceremony. Taking pride in anticipating and fulfilling people’s needs in advance and customer service is a philosophy and way of thinking.

Here’s just a glimpse of what’s waiting, in a country that balances rich tradition with a futuristic present.

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